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Building Relationships
Is what we are about.

Our mission is to extend and expand the unbroken chain of fellowship that reaches back to 1869. We are the future, active and retired educational, professional, military, corporate, business and community leaders, along with young entrepreneurs who are influencing the future of Southeastern Connecticut.

Our Membership Goal

To seek out new members who will continue the fellowship, conversations, diversity, opportunities, and experiences that expand our circle of friendships and broaden our knowledge of the community and the world.

If you are beginning your career, presently active in your chosen field, or are retired and wish to be socially active with your newly found time, we would like to meet you.

Making new friends and associates is central to all of our activities. Networking and hosting guests and business clients in our classic clubhouse can be in either formal or informal spaces as you prefer.

Our members have 24/7 access to the club to relax, study, work, play billiards, entertain their guests, and enjoy great food and drink during normal service hours.

The club is a wonderful location to gather your party together before attending the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra or the many offerings at the Garde Arts Center just across from the club.

If you have family attending one of the colleges in the area or the US Coast Guard Academy, the club can be a central place to meet and catch up.

Our train station, ferry service to Long Island, Block Island and Fisher’s Island are all within walking distance. With local bus service and quick access to I-95, we are ideally located to host private and family events and celebrations.

What is a Private Social Club?

Private social clubs emerged centuries ago before the prevalence of hotels, when ye olde taverns were most common for travelers to rest their weary heads on a given night. The problem with taverns was that they were not exactly hospitable for professionals and merchants. The networks of social clubs, by contrast, arranged for reciprocity with each other and assured that professionals would be among people “of good standing” when traveling on business. Naturally, social clubs also provided meals and social experiences for members when they returned home!

In the modern era, private social clubs have become primarily a “home away from home” for their local members, and with reciprocity networks, they provide the comforts and club experience while traveling for business or pleasure.

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