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A Timeless Beacon of New London’s Rich History and Vibrant Social Life

Nestled in the heart of New London, Connecticut, stands a remarkable institution that has weathered the test of time – The Thames Club. Established in the year 1869, this venerable establishment is a living testament to the enduring social vitality and rich history of New London. The club’s inception was not a mere coincidence but a direct result of the city’s burgeoning prosperity as a major port for whaling and commerce. This economic boom led the prominent members of New London to seek a common meeting place, a haven for business discussions and relaxation. Thus, the Thames Club was born.

In its golden era, the Thames Club was a bustling hub of activity, boasting a membership of over 400 individuals. It was the venue of choice for the most prestigious social events in New London, a place where the city’s elite gathered to celebrate and socialize. However, like all private social clubs, the Thames Club’s fortunes were intertwined with the economic times and social spirit of the city that hosted it.

Despite the inevitable ebbs and flows of economic cycles and changing societal norms, the Thames Club has remained a steadfast fixture of New London’s social scene. It has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability, changing with the times while simultaneously upholding its traditional values. The club has opened its doors to members from all over southeastern Connecticut and beyond, fostering a sense of inclusivity and community.


 A Testament to Timeless Architecture

The Thames Club’s clubhouse, a grand edifice completed in 1905, stands at 290 State Street. This architectural marvel serves as a fine example of the design aesthetics and craftsmanship of that era. It is a symbol of the club’s storied history and a testament to the city’s rich architectural heritage. The clubhouse, with its timeless design, stands as a silent observer of the city’s evolution, a constant amidst the ever-changing urban landscape.


 A Catalyst for Social Connection

The Thames Club has played a pivotal role in shaping the social life of New London. It has served as a melting pot, bringing together people from all walks of life, fostering a sense of community, and creating lasting bonds among its members. The club continues to be a vibrant place of gathering, especially significant after the long period of sheltering in recent years due to global events.

In the present day, the Thames Club is more than just a symbol of New London’s rich history and enduring social vitality. It is a living, breathing entity that continues to play a vital role in the community. It brings together diverse individuals to celebrate, socialize, and form lasting bonds, thereby enriching the social fabric of New London.

Whether you’re a local resident,  parents of students studying in the city, or a first-time visitor to New London, the Thames Club extends a warm invitation to experience its magic. It offers a chance to step into a piece of New London’s history, to become part of a vibrant community, and to create your own memories within its historic walls. The Thames Club is not just a club; it’s a cherished part of New London’s heritage, eagerly waiting to welcome you into its fold.